For each unsuccessfully completed survey, you will receive a lottery ticket from us. Once a month, two winners will be chosen at random who will each win an online voucher worth €100.

Participation in our MOBROG competition is only possible if you log into your account via the MOBROG website.

 To take part in the sweepstakes, all you have to do is activate the tickets you have collected in your profile.

1. Go to the icon in the upper right corner and click on "lottery" tab.

2. Go to "My Tickets" below.

2. Click on each lot you want to activate.

3. Click the Activate Tickets button.

4. Wait and win!

Du hast ein Lotterielos erhalten!

The competition always starts on the first of the month at 00:00 and ends on the last day of the month at 23:59. Winners will be announced here within 72 hours and contacted via email.


Any tickets not redeemed by then will be reset. You can therefore only participate with the tickets that you have collected in the current month.

You can find more information in the Conditions of Participation .