Thank you for recommending us to your friends!

In order for you to receive the promised payment, it is necessary that you refer your friend via the "Invite a friend" function in your account and that your friend clicks on the link in the e-mail that he then receives. Otherwise, our system unfortunately cannot assign who recruited the participant.

You will automatically be credited with the promised payment for referring your friends as soon as these three surveys have been successfully and completely completed. You can check your friend's status in your account. Immediately after the invitation, the status is "-1", which means that your friend has not yet registered. After activating the account, the status changes to "0". The status increases by one with each successfully completed survey. So if you hit a 3, you get the credit you were promised.

If your friend is listed as "-1" in your account, although you know that your friend has already registered, please contact us so that we can check this for you.